What is Yoga?

Well, it can be many things. To us Yoga is a way we  to gain the strength, energy and confidence you need to live your life Powerful and Playful. To get you there we have created three signature classes:

Our Vinyasa class is a high paced combination of classic Yoga poses. Great for working up a sweat and improving balance and agility.

With our Power Yoga class we are taking the principles of traditional Yoga and combining them with modern exercise science. The result is a class that will leave you surprised, shaking and smiling.

R.O.M. Yin is the class that everyone needs! By combining mobilization with stretching we are freeing you from tight hips, shoulders and back.

Whether you are on the mat for the first time of your life, or you live for the mat our teachers will help you to find what Yoga means to you. How to join you ask?

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A one week trial costs 30 euro and starts on the day of your first class. You can enjoy as many classes as you like. After this week the trial membership ends automatically.

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